The internet is broken.

I mean, pretty much anyone reading this will agree with the above statement in some way. I don't want to get into potential government action and open that can of worms, but I do want to propose another protocol on top of TCP/IP.

I haven't got a name for it yet, but the idea is certainly there. It's hard to describe without refrencing three other protocols, however.

My idea: A half-step of a half-step

Gemini is meant to be a half-step between Gopher and the Web. But it is pitifully lacking in function, and in my view is essentially Gopher with TLS, which has been proposed many times. My idea is more of a stripped down web without a certain plauge affecting it - JavaScript.

The protocol itself

The closest approximation to my idea of the transfer protocol is HTTP 0.9 with TLS. Simple, but it can do almost anything. I might even attempt to make it a subset of HTTPS - again, I don't have a lot of free time and am no expert on programming. And it would make it more accessible; if your browser can render Markdown, it can use my proposed protocol.

The document format

I haven't decided on wether to use Markdown or create my own XML-based document format. I'm leaning towards the former, as it makes me do less work and is powerful enough for my idea.

Other ideas

The biggest idea I have other than that is to create a unique URI prefix, as to empathize my idea isn't just Web 1.5 or something like that. I have plans for a reference client and server, but again I would definitely need help implementing that.

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